getting out of bed in winter is actually like stepping into antarctica



Men who have more trouble controlling laughter also have more trouble controlling sexual arousal


Have ever experienced something so funny that you just had to laugh out loud? In fact it was so funny you literally could not contain your laughter; it all just came pouring out of you. Of course most people have experienced such an event at least once in their lives and can attest to the fact that sometimes laughter is uncontrollable. However, sometimes, it can be more of a proven then initially anticipated.

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Still love that dylan Obrien is the background



I recently came across this video on FaceBook Newsfeed. I found it really interesting, so I had one of our writer write something on it. The Psychology Of Beards . The topic is not as silly as you think; there has been some research showing that females are more attracted to males with beards.

Give it a read and let us know what you think! 

My goddaughter acted like this today when she saw me without a hat on, she didn’t cry but she just seemed confused